About Thai-rriffic and reviews

San Luis Obispo's Premiere Thai Restaurant Since 1985

Thai cuisine is unique and exotic owing much of its appeal to the wide variety of spices, herbs and seasonings used in its preparation. Thai cuisine boasts a special flavor of its own, distinguishing itself from other Asian foods.

Rice, a much respected food in Thailand, is considered the main staple of every meal and is served with other entries such as curries, seafood, vegetables, soups, and variety of meats. Chilies are considered the guest of honor in Thailand, with a generous use of both chilies and spices found in most Thai dishes. Great care is taken in the preparation and presentation of each dish. Thai food combines pleasing contrasts... the soft and crunchy, sweet and sour, bitter and mellow, spicy to sweet, and of course, hot to cool!

Eating Thai style is an experience in sharing. Thais consider the meal a time to please the senses and enjoy each other's company. Thai meals are served family style, with the spoon and fork being the traditional eating utensils. Unlike western cuisine, which tends towards individual portions, Thai food is best when shared with others.

At Thai-rrific we feature authentic Thai cuisine, with dishes ranging from mildly seasoned to hot and spicy. So relax, sit back, and allow us the pleasure of serving you the THAI-RRIFIC difference.




The restaurant itself is beautifully constructed, from the ceilings to the furnishings. The service is good and food was brought out quickly. However, all of the meats that we ordered (from the yellow beef curry, lemon grass chicken, vegetables with pork) were overcooked and tough....


Warner L

This is my second visit to this restaurant for lunch with the family; they love it and I am surprised to find good traditional Thai food in S L O.



We had five dishes. Spring roll a good start. Two of the dishes, one a curry, had nice sauces but the vegetable over cooked. Their barbeque beef short ribs had tasty sauce but a bit overcooked. Nice Thailand feel inside restaurant.


Robin B

This is one of several Thai restaurants in SLO. I liked it because they had a number of appetizers and specialties that you don’t ordinarily see in a Thai restaurant. We started with the sweet potato appetizer, slices of sweet potato coated in a sesame...



I have eaten at all the Thai restaurants in a 50 mile radius and this is hands down the best. The menu is ample, the food is delicious, the prices are extremely reasonable and the service is great. I eat there at least once a...



People here are very friendly. Food is good. What more can you ask for. The same man has been serving here for years, and remembers you. A lost art for most servers.



As vegetarian and vegan respectively, my husband and I frequent Thai restaurants wherever we go because there are more options to eat vegetarian. Often the food is bland and mediocre, made with canned curries. We encountered Thai-Rrrific Restaurant in Atascadero by accident. Lucky for us,...



Food is plentiful and you can get your spice on and check out your tolerance for heat. If you go as a small party I recommend everybody get something different and share it family style. Get a taste of everything.


Sharon G

We love to get take out Thai food at Thai-Rrific. They are so dependable in taste & quality. We probably call and place an order a couple times a month. The sesame ginger beef is excellent along with their Pad Thai. Love their crispy spring...



We thought our selection seemed fine, but it turned out to be mostly dishes with meat and no sauce, which struck us as odd, and unlike any Thai restaurants we have used in the past. I don't think we would return.

About Thai-rriffic and reviews
About Thai-rriffic and reviews
About Thai-rriffic and reviews